flc1/w1 : Designer flame in a can unscented - light weave

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Minimum Qty is 6 cans. Great Alternative to candles, tiki torches. Safe, wind resistanct flame.

  • Color: natural
  • Pattern: weave
  • Dimension: D8.5xH11cm
  • Material: Diethylene Glycol fuel

Easy, Clean, and Safe! Aussies love entertaining outdoors. Who doesnt love a lazy Saturday evening BBQ with mates? Sick and tired of having to use fiddly candles or dangerous, messy fuels as a means to brighten up the backyard. Introducing designer series Flame in a can: a safe and ingenious replacement for candles and outdoor torches. You no longer have to sacrifice safety and convenience for that outdoor ambience. Say goodbye to candles that blow out in the slightest breeze and leave messy melted wax. Forget about outdoor torches that use dangerous fuels and are easily knocked over by kids and pets. Flame in a Can is a genuine Aussie innovation developed to solve every major problem with all those old fashioned products. Flame in a Can is a revolutionary Australian made alternative to outdoor candles, tiki torches, lanterns and electric lights. Easily lit, extinguished, and re-lit as required, there is no ugly black smoke, no unpleasant odours, and no melted wax residue with the Flame in a Can. The fuel in Flame in a Can is specially formulated to only burn on the wick, so there is no risk of accidental spillage burns or fuel spillage fires. It is so safe that you can take in on the plane with you!! - as it is classified as a non-flamable product. Flame in a Can is the perfect way to enjoy a bright flame in your outdoor dining, BBQ, or entertaining area. The cans be used on their own, or concealed in an attractive, durable ceramic fire pot or use your imagination and reuse those old flower pots in a new and exciting way! Our designer series cans come in a range of attractive patterns. A cheaper option than buying a firepot, these designer cans can be used on there own & can be matched with your décor. Please note the cans do get hot so please do not touch them when burning, Place them on a protective heat resistance surface or inside a protective heat resistanct vessel/ container.

Approximately 5-6 hours burn time.

Each measures approximately 8.5cm in diameter and 11cm in height. 425mL of liquid inside